PDO Threads Information

PDO threads absorb into the surrounding tissue and induce collagen production over time, supporting underlying structures and the framework of the face. These threads can be used with filler or antiwrinkle injections to work synergistically to smoothen out the fine lines and deep creases of the skin to restore volume depletion and redistribute collagen and fat.

Depending on the desired outcome, additional interventions may be needed to achieve these results. These include but are not limited to:

  • Laser resurfacing of the skin

  • Platelet-Rich Plasma therapy (PRP)

  • Photodynamic therapy

These procedures are designed to address clients’ needs, whether independently or combined, to provide tailored results. Each procedure involves an in-depth consultation before treatment day; this will outline all the benefits and risks associated with PDO threads and other suggestions for treatment options.

While these procedures provide excellent results, they do not substitute surgical face and neck lifts.

What is the treatment?

PDO threads are absorbable threads made from the synthetic material polydioxanone. They completely dissolve in 8-12 months, but the rate depends on age, sun exposure, lifestyle, etc. PDO threads retain 90% of their tensile strength in the first three months, and then the threads begin to crack, followed by the body’s gradual breakdown of the material. Moreover, these threads generate local collagen production, which positively supports the skin’s structures despite being entirely dissolved.