Petit Lady Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation

Erbium-YAG ACTION II Petit Lady laser vaginal rejuvenation procedure remodels the tissues by delivering micropulses of laser energy followed by long pulse.

360 degrees vaginal tightening – utilises Laser 360-degree handle.

This procedure helps with tightening or atrophic vaginitis caused by childbirth, aging or surgery.

Treatment is completed via the vaginal canal using the 360-degree handpiece provides vaginal tightening through a thermal tissue effect, which tightens and helps to rebuild the anterior vaginal wall.

Laser energy gently targets the superficial layer of vaginal mucosa, targeting deep into the dermis to stimulate the cells with dual pass technology to improve elasticity and function.

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Mild to Moderate Stress Urinary Incontinence (SUI)

Using the Laser 90-degree handle through enhanced photothermal effect helps endopelvic fascia and mucosal tissue of anterior vaginal wall and at the same time strengthening of the anterior vaginal wall tissue for support.

If you experience involuntary release of urine, especially when you cough, sneeze, or laugh Petite Lady can be recommended.
Petite Lady Promotes the synthesis of new collagen fibers in the region of anterior vaginal wall providing more support to the bladder.


What does the treatment involve?

Treatment is performed under topical anesthetic. Every procedure includes a thorough consultation prior to treatment which allows for discussion of risks, benefits and treatment recommendations.

How many treatments will someone need?

This is highly variable depending on presentation but generally 1-3 treatments 3 weeks apart may be required and will be discussed with you during consultation

Who can have this treatment?

Anyone above the age of 18. This treatment is not suitable for those who are pregnant, active infection, currently on their period, have bleeding problems or on blood thinning medications. A consultation must be provided to ensure this is the correct treatment for you.

Pre and/or Post care information

There is a down time for 48 hours. Sexual intercourse and gym activities should be avoided for that time period. Further instructions and post op care is provided by clinic.

O Shot – Platelet Rich Plasma therapy to vaginal area

What is the treatment?

Platelet Rich Plasma therapy, O Shot, is a procedure that may help the vaginal area. The O-shot may improve a woman’s sexual experience, including arousal and ability to orgasm. It is not solely performed to improve the ability to orgasm and we prefer to discuss this further with our patients and clients in a more medical and scientific manner during consultation. This treatment may be used for the following conditions:

  • Female sexual dysfunction
  • Low sexual desire
  • Difficulty climaxing
  • Urinary stress incontinence
  • Pain during intercourse
  • Lack of lubrication
  • Vaginal atrophy – symptoms including but not limited to, vaginal wall thinning, burning sensation, irritation, itching, bleeding, discomfort and/or frequent urinary tract infections

Lichen sclerosis (LS) – Lichen sclerosis (pronounced ‘like-en skler-oh-sus’) is a skin condition, predominantly appearing in females that makes patches of skin look white, thickened and crinkly. It most often affects the skin around the vulva or anus.

The presentation can range from mild discomfort to extreme itchiness, pain and permanent scarring. 4 in 100 women with this condition go on to developing vulvar cancer, however the condition is often overlooked by females. Platelet-rich plasma is an emerging regenerative medical therapy currently being explored as treatment for chronic inflammatory dermatoses including LS.

Lichen sclerosis affects around 1 in 80 women. It can happen at any age but is most common in middle-aged and elderly women. For most women it is a lifelong condition.

What does the treatment involve?

The procedure is performed by collecting a specific quantity of patient blood. The blood is then put through the PRP process creating highly purified Platelet Rich Plasma, rich in growth factors and nutrients through a specialized centrifuge machine. This platelet rich plasma material is then injected with a specific needle under anesthetic into targeted areas.

How many treatments will someone need?

This is highly variable depending on presentation and associated symptoms. This will determine the number of procedures needed.

Pre and/or Post care information

Further information for post procedure is discussed with clients.